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Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is a pleasant and even charming city, in large parts because of its famous lakes, shaded boulevards and verdant public parks. The Hanoi city center is an architectural museum piece, its blocks of old buildings retaining the air of a peaceful and austere provincial town, contrary to the fast-living and bustling air of Saigon. The highlights of the tour are Halong Bay Junk Boat adventures which packed with cooking class. 

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30 Aug 2019 31 Dec 2019 Adamas Hanoi Or similar.. 3 Star 1,209 929 None None 889 719
30 Aug 2019 31 Dec 2019 Hanoi Boutique 1 or sim.. 3 Star 1,309 979 None None 939 759
30 Aug 2019 31 Dec 2019 Chalcedony Hotel or sim.. 4 Star 1,399 1,019 None None 979 799
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